‘Though fleeting, temporary and perishable, cooking plays such a powerful symbolic role in our lives.’ Kate Colquhoun – Taste


Food is a human necessity and is therefore embedded in every human life. Through time and in various locations and cultures, people have thrived on diverse traditional diets that are high fat, low fat, high carb, vegetarian, meat eating, and many other variations, illustrating that there is no single ideal diet. The common denominator between the diets of healthy people through time is not what food groups or nutrients people do or don’t eat, but the lack of processed and convenience foods created by industry. People who follow the diets of traditional cultures are generally healthier than those who follow a diet of convenience, regardless of which traditional diet is chosen.

The links to the right address human diets from the Stone Age, to Industrialisation and the present; focus on the history of individual foods and celebrations; and touch on the diets of particular cultures.