Healthy Cooking

‘I am not an authority on anything much, but I do feel quite qualified to talk about eating. I’ve done a lot of it.’ Sophie Dahl – Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights


Healthy cooking and healthy eating go hand in hand. Although a little haphazard in style, I love to cook, and I love eating what I cook. Preferring to measure quantities with my eyes rather than weighing scales, spoons or cups, some of my recipes aren’t as successful as others, but it is the creative process of cooking that I enjoy, making something tasty and nutritious out of seemingly nothing. When the benefits of a good meal are far greater than just the enjoyment of eating it, it is a shame to me, that some people view cooking only as a chore. My recipes are never complicated, and if I can make them, their simplicity may help some to rethink their dislike of the kitchen.

Having lost countless recipes by not writing them down I hope this will no longer be a problem as I share my creations and recipes I enjoy in the links below, and discuss my philosophy regarding healthy eating.