Around the House

‘A true home should be the container for reviving real hospitality, true culture and conviviality, real fun, solid comfort, and above all, real civilization. And the most creative thing that anybody can do in this world is to make a real home.’

John Seymour – The Concise Guide to Self Sufficiency.


Food is my hobby. I learn about it, am creative with it, talk about it, socialize with it and nurture my family with it. It is a handy tool in creating a full and varied life, and the benefits reach far beyond a tasty meal. Certain foods can be used as a safe and non-toxic way of cleaning the whole house; many can be used to make beauty products and cosmetics; it is a source of entertainment for children; makes a perfect gift; and can provide gentle exercise if we grow our own. Food, used to its full potential, can help build a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle, and this is partly my goal.

Starting from scratch, a few baby steps at a time, I aim to reduce my dependence on industry by making homemade products instead. The links to the right list the categories I am to explore.