The Twelve Days of Christmas

Whilst recently reading about Christmas history, I finally understood the Twelve Days of Christmas. Not the song, but the event. Traditionally Christmas started Christmas Eve when families would put their Christmas decorations up, and the celebrations would continue until the 6th January when families would then take their decorations down. Sundays are not included in this, so 24th December to 6th January includes 12 celebration days – hence the Twelve Days of Christmas.

I thought this was a much nicer idea to celebrate as long into winter as possible, as I remember as a child sometimes feeling an anti-climax after Christmas when the celebrations suddenly stop and it seems all you have to look forward to is colder and colder weather… So to combat this, like with our advent activities, I planned activities up to 6th January to keep the celebrations going. And happily this took us right up to the start of the new school term when things naturally go back to normal anyway.

Twelve Days of Christmas Activities

• 1st – December 24th – Final day of Advent Calendars
• 2nd – December 25th – Christmas Day Celebrations
• 3rd – December 26th – Make & write Thank you Cards

Hand made Thank you card

• 4th – December 27th – Make a fruit cake together (which doubles as Ana’s birthday cake)
• December 28th – SUNDAY
• 5th – December 29th – Make New Year Cards

• 6th – December 30th – Decorate Party Hats

2014-12-31 08.48.43

• 7th – December 31st – Time Capsule/ New Years Resolutions New Year Review
• 8th – January 1st – Blow up Balloons/ Party Streamers/ Party Poppers & New Year Celebrations
• 9th – January 2nd – Make a white hot chocolate

2015-01-02 13.48.37

• 10th – January 3rd – New Book
• January 4th – SUNDAY
• 11th – January 5th – Make New Year Cookies for Nursery
• 12th – January 6th – Final Present – a snowman chocolate lolly

2015-01-06 15.29.34

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