D.I.Y. Peppa Pig Frame (from the Peppa Pig Magazine)

We love Peppa Pig in this house, and we love the Peppa Pig magazine too. For £1.99 we get hours of entertainment: educational activities, stories, stickers, crafts, recipes and further ideas to try at home. And it gives me a break from planning activities because they are already planned for me. Sometimes they are seasonal as well which is even better.

In the first issue of this year (it’s released fortnightly) there was an idea to make your own Peppa Pig frame from paper scraps and old magazines, so we gave it a go.

You will need:

  • old magazines
  • sticky tape (we used double sided)
  • PVA glue
  • Cardboard


  • Cut out a frame in cardboard (19cm by 24cm).
  • Using old magazine pages roll them up diagonally and secure down the whole length with sticky tape, trying to make all the tubes the same thickness.
  • Glue a photo into the middle of the cardboard, cut the rolled up paper tubes to size glue them around the photo.

This is our finished result:

Peppa Pig Frame

I like it! A fun inexpensive craft that brightens up a dull corner of the room. I thought I might try it with rolled up pieces of fabric, or similar, and make a more permanent and functional frame? Just an idea.


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