Valentines Day Activities

As we have previously done for Christmas, and New Years, this year I have planned countdown activities for Valentines Day, as I had originally hoped to do last year. As I have said before, I find it much more enjoyable celebrating and learning about a tradition than I do crafting with no meaning behind it, so drawing out a celebration in this way allows us to enjoy it longer. These are my ideas for Valentines Day 2015.

Valentine Activities

• February 1st – Sunday – No activities
• February 2nd – Explain Valentines day. Red and pink glitter and paint craft
• February 3rd – Falling stars decoration
• February 4th – Junk modelling – Love bug
• February 5th – Make paper roses
• February 6th – Cupid activities – colour in/ make wings and bow and arrow
• February 7th – Heart wreath craft
• February 8th – Sunday – Light Candle (link to candle lit meal)
• February 9th – Book of things Ana loves (talk about different kinds of love)
• February 10th – Love birds
• February 11th – Love Potions (bicarbonate of soda and white wine vinegar/ red smoothie recipe)
• February 12th – Make Valentines Day cards
• February 13th – Make heart chocolates/ cookies
• February 14th – Hidden wax message & gift for Ana

Click HERE to see the pictures.

As with the Twelve Days of Christmas and Lent, I am giving ourselves Sundays off. It’s always good to have a day of rest. Ana needs to learn to entertain herself too.

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