Valentines 2014

Like Christmas, Ana and I have been celebrating Valentines with activities on run up to 14th Feb, as well as the actual day.

For example, we’ve been making cards to give to family and friends on the day.

And Valentines morning I gave Ana this heart I had previously made (from a pre-cut craft kit) –2014-02-14 09.32.37

which she loved! 2014-02-14 09.31.15

On the actual day, we made heart bracelets.

We did this by chopping straws with scissors; threading them onto a pipe cleaner; shaping the pipe cleaner into a heart; and then wearing it on our arms! Great exercise for fine motor skills and fun to shape the bracelet into a more unusual shape.2014-02-08 13.10.14 2014-02-08 13.13.52 2014-02-08 13.29.58-2 2014-02-14 11.33.18

I also printed out Valentines dominoes from which we used to match and compare the different hearts.

2014-02-14 09.31.53

Then we decided it would be much more fun to cut out the individual hearts and make bigger hearts with them…2014-02-14 10.37.11 2014-02-14 11.31.06

We made a heart decoration for the door handle out of cardboard and scrunched up tissue paper – a similar idea from our pink blossom trees on Chinese New Year because Ana enjoyed it so much. The handle was made with a red pipe cleaner.

Though Ana decided it looked much better hanging on the fireplace with blue tack, than actually on the door handle!

The small hearts from the dominoes soon followed suit and were being placed around the fireplace with blue tack, to decorate. It was all Ana’s own work and own idea and entertained her for ages as she took them back down and rearranged them. She does love any activity involving blue tack!

2014-02-14 12.09.11

We then coloured,2014-02-14 15.38.04

and then finally we made yet more hearts with Lego Duplo.

2014-02-13 13.30.42 2014-02-13 13.34.58
This was a spontaneous activity that I had not planned, but I think they look great. I especially love how colourful Lego Duplo is. My favourite kind of toy.

And that was our busy fun filled day! If only I had so many ideas to fill every day! Happy Valentines 2014 🙂

I had originally planned to make a ‘Valentines Countdown Calendar‘ similar to the Christmas A to Z list, but I will save that one until next year.

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