White Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes

Having never been a fan of white chocolate, I was surprised when introduced to Natures Store White Chocolate Rice Cakes, that they quickly became one of my all time ‘must have’ favourite snacks. Sharing them with my toddler, they didn’t last long, and we definitely went through more packets than we should have in a short space of time.

The ingredients are essentially puffed whole grain rice, with a layer of white chocolate on top. After the umpteenth packet I decided it was time to stop buying them. Then I had a brain wave – Why not make them myself!? So I did. I had the necessary ingredients already, and this way is cheaper; I can make as few (or as many) as I require without the temptation to eat the whole packet; and the extra effort of making them makes me think twice about whether or not I really want them, or whether I’m just craving them because they are there. They really are (surprisingly) that moreish.

White Chocolate Rice Cakes

White Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes

Recipe Serves: 3

• 3 whole grain plain rice cakes (I used Kalla)
• 50g white chocolate

• Bring a pan of water to a simmer and melt the white chocolate on a plate above, stirring frequently. I used a plate because it is easier to coat the rice cakes in white chocolate this way.
• Take your rice cake and coat one side in white chocolate by rubbing it in the melted chocolate, then leave on a clean plate to cool and set.
• Repeat for the remaining rice cakes.
• Chill in the fridge for a while so that the white chocolate reaches the right consistency. (I however ate mine straight away).


It’s so simple, it’s not even a real recipe. I did not make the rice cakes, nor did I make the white chocolate. I have since found a link describing how rice cakes are made at Eat.Live.Travel.Write, which I found very interesting, and I’ve also found a recipe for making white chocolate from scratch at CupcakeProject, but I have not attempted either. For now I’m quite happy with my method. It wont get me my ‘made from scratch’ badge, but it is more frugal than before, and that’s what I was going for.


Dark chocolate covered rice cakesNB: I also tried this with dark chocolate that we had, but the results are not a patch on the white chocolate.

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